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    Meet Sherlyn Smith

    We are an experienced and focused group of attorneys who are invested in our clients’ well being and rights in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.

Our lawyers practice in three areas:

immigration law

Immigration Law

We specialize in immigration solutions for families, individuals and businesses. You can rely on our expert counsel for the complexities of visa applications, deportation defense, and asylum processes.

family law

Family Law

We assist clients through the emotionally-charged issues of divorce, child custody, child support, paternity, and grandparents’ rights. We also help clients with guardianship issues for elderly, incapacitated and disabled adults, as well as minor children.

property law

Property Law

Our experience in the insurance industry is highly regarded. We help claimants navigate the pitfalls that can arise when claims are denied, mishandled and/or underpaid. We represent our clients during insurance litigation as well.

Consult with us to protect your rights. Our capable and passionate lawyers work on your behalf and focus like a laser on immigration, family and property law issues.