Family Law

We provide personalized legal representation during the most challenging times of your life.

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Divorce affects your family in overwhelming ways, from emotional distress to financial hardships. As your family attorney, our job is to explain your rights, answer your questions, and help you navigate the divorce process with as much ease and expediency as possible.

We help you with the complexities of family businesses interests, property, child custody arrangements, and other components that may affect your case. Often, creative problem solving, strategy, and negotiation are required. We provide expert counsel throughout this challenging process.

Our goal is to provide cost-efficient services and leverage our experience on your behalf to save you as much money, time and heartache as possible. Whether you need an attorney to fight for your rights or diffuse a situation, you can count on us for results.

Child Custody

Nothing is more important than the well-being of your children. Our family law attorneys work with you to focus on the best interests of your child. We keep in mind the emotionally-charged nature of child custody, starting with the statute and applying it to your situation. The court considers personal attributes such as maturity and responsibility in determining child custody, and we devise individualized strategies based on your unique family circumstances and the future of your child.

  • Paternity
  • Parental relocation
  • Custody for unmarried parents
  • Grandparents’ rights

Child Support

Child custody and child support are separate issues. The court determines child support based almost entirely on the Texas child support guidelines which are fairly straightforward. We assist you in avoiding costly mistakes in calculating your financial obligations, expenses and estimations, and presenting this information to the court. We also assist you with modifications of prior orders.


The topic of guardianship is complex. According to the Texas Guardianship Association, guardianship is defined as “a legal process designed to protect vulnerable persons from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.” Guardianship attorneys help “vulnerable” or incapacitated persons under a particular body of law with specific definitions.

Ward: an “incapacitated person” such as elderly or disabled adults who are not capable of making decisions for themselves and have, as a result, been placed under guardianship, or a minor children who need someone to make financial decisions and personal welfare decisions for them.

Guardian (or Guardian of the Person): the person(s) appointed to make decisions for the Ward related to the personal welfare, well-being, and/or finances.

Probate Court: the Court with jurisdiction over guardianship cases. Although some counties in Texas do not have official probate courts, all guardianships are handled in the courts in which probate matters are heard.

Guardian of the Estate: someone appointed to make the financial decisions related to a Ward’s assets, also known as a conservetorship. This person is charged with preserving, protecting, and maintaining the assets. It may include bond issues, accounting issues, and Probate Court approval of guardianship expenses.

Ad Litem Attorney: every time a guardianship is filed, it is the responsibility of the Probate Court to appoint an Attorney ad Litem to represent the legal interests of the Ward.

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